We focus on building relationships, safeguarding brand reputation, telling your story and being there when you need us.

PR Strategy

Before formulating a strategy, we ensure we gain a thorough understanding of your company, what drives it, what makes it tick and what is required to help the company move forward. We offer tailor-made PR strategy consultation to provide you with a creative vision on how best to position your company, target new audiences, launch a major initiative or service, and sculpt a message that best represents your brand.

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Media Relations

Media coverage is the lifeline of any communications programme and whether you are seeking exposure in the traditional or social media we have the right contacts and expertise to get your name out there and tell your story. We listen to what you have to say and deliver your message in a direct, creative and easily understandable manner. We understand your audience and the media, which means we can guide you on what message works and what doesn’t. We do not believe in simply churning out press releases. Our approach is to come up with meaningful content that will give your company or organisation an edge.

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Reputation Management

We are acutely aware that a company’s reputation takes years to build, but can be destroyed within minutes if a crisis is not properly handled. Engaging the right communications consultants is crucial to ensuring that unfavourable situations are addressed promptly and in the right manner. At Media Insiders, we can help you assess the situation and advise on the way forward – issuing press statements and acting as press spokespersons if necessary. We will help you to have a positive influence on the agenda.

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Crisis Management

Things go wrong. When they do, Media Insiders are always there to step in and help in a crisis situation. Every day. Round the clock. As former journalists, we react rapidly to prepare the first critical statement and serve as the buffer between the media, social media and your company/organisation. Whatever happens, we are just a phone call away.

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Content Creation

At Media Insiders we craft content that stands out in a crowded space and encourages users to engage with your brand or organisation. We instinctively know how to bring your stories to life. Whether it’s ghost-writing an opinion piece, formulating a reassuring message for your employees, creating your company profile and newsletter, writing a blog post, or restructuring technical papers… we understand you and your audience.

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Social Media

As print declines, the fast world of real-time communications offers up exciting opportunities, and at Media Insiders we know that posting timely content is essential to reach and increase your influence among the people who matter. Social media offers the opportunity to directly manage and control your conversation with the public. We will guide you in tailoring the tone and curating concise content for the different social media channels to drive your business… because content is king, no matter the format.

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